Do you have a website for your small business? If not yet, pay attention.


Last time we looked at reasons as to why it’s beneficial for your small business to have an online presence, if you haven’t read the article I would highly recommend you do so

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Like many small business owners you might be of the opinion that your business won’t have anything to benefit from having a website or that a website is out of your budget.

Or maybe you are already on social media and don’t see any need of having a personal website, this are all misconceptions.

Having your small business on social media is not the same thing as having your own personal business website, look at this way, having your business on social media is without a doubt one of the way to get your business out there but here’s the thing, you don’t actually own the social media sites.

If for example Facebook (Insert any social site) shuts down today, and it happened to be your only source of business as it is the case for many small businesses, then this would mean that your only source of business vanishes overnight, and here’s the worst part, you can’t question the social site for shutting down because it doesn’t belong to you, plus you can’t be flexible on this sites and your interaction on them is limited as opposed to running your own business website.

If you are a small business owner running a business without a website here are 6 more reasons as to why you need a website for your business.

  1. People Use The Internet Like They Used To Use The Yellow Pages.

Just like it was important to have your contacts on the Yellow Pages years ago it’s also very important and key to have a website for your business today.

You want to be found by potential clients when they search online for information relating to the products and services you are offering.

Today almost everyone uses the internet to get information, this includes local information about products and services. How many times have you done that yourself in the last 24Hrs? You might even be reading this because you searched for this information.

According to recent studies 81 Percent of customers search online first before they buy local products and services, having a running website for your small business will enable your products and services to be found easily, if potential customers don’t find you be sure your competitor will be found, and am sure that’s not good for business.


  1. Your Business Gets More Credibility.

More and more studies are showing that consumers believe that small businesses with a website are more credible than ones without a website, the studies also conclude that 65 Percent of consumers consider a company branded email example: more credible than a generic email account example: (Gmail, Yahoo, etc..)

To remain credible and relevant small businesses must invest in a website, look at it this way, if all your competitors have websites and you happen to not have one, who do think looks more credible?


  1. Your Customers Expect It.

Six out of ten consumers expect brands to provide online content about their business on some form of digital property and more than half will head straight to a brands website for product information.

If you don’t have a website for your small business today’s digital-savvy customers will look elsewhere.

  1. You Will Show Up In Search Engines Search Results

As I had indicated, 81 Percent of customers search online first before they buy local products and services. That means they to google or another search engine and type in one or more keywords, like ‘’Wedding Photographers’’ or “Italian leather women’s shoe in Nairobi’’ or any kind of information on products and services.

If you don’t have a website for your business, the chances that you will show up on search engine results is zero. But if you have a website you can optimize it for search engines in such a way that when potential clients search for your products and services you show up on search engine results, getting more visibility.

  1. Cheaper Flexible Marketing

A lot of businesses spend a lot of money annually in advertising and marketing, by having a website small businesses can cut on the cost of marketing and advertising, think of your website as a billboard where you have a chance to introduce people to your products and services and another way for potential clients to find you.

While your business may still have a need for other traditional marketing such as printed advertising materials, they tend to be costly especially when they need updating. In today’s world consumers expect fresh marketing campaigns and information on a continuous basis.

Having a website allows you to have all the information in one place and can be edited at any time for no cost.

  1. Market Expansion

Many small businesses start by serving local communities, and when the time comes to expand to a larger market a business website allows you to do that by making your products and services available across time zones and even across the world.

The people who visit your website are there because they have expressed an interest on what you have to offer as a business. Take advantage of that.



Having a website for your business is a must have and no longer just a nice to have element. If you don’t have a website you are putting your business at a competitive disadvantage.

We help our clients grow their business online through maximizing the use of their business’ or organization’s website, and social media regardless of size, industry, or location. Visible Online walks clients through these steps on a daily basis and we would love to help you.
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